Helping to exploit the IP goldmine




ransition from a manufacturing to an IP-based economy requires executives to re-think their traditional IP strategy and put higher priority on establishing of a vigorous Intellectual Property Program, resulting in generation of Intellectual Property assets of substantial value.This is inherently slow process, and therefore starting early and using advanced techniques are crucially important.
     IP-MEX Inc. has developed methods, technology and tools to speed up generation of IP assets, to increase the yield of valuable IP assets, to measure their value and to monetize them, if the need arises. We can help companies to establish new IP Program to start generating high quality IP assets, or to restructure an existing IP Program to increase proportion of valuable IP assets. We will monitor the value of the corporate IP portfolio to measure the progress both in terms of quality of the assets and their monetary value. Special care has been taken to offer our services in a cost effective manner, i.e. at a fraction of a cost normally required.

rowing intangibility of corporate value presents also certain challenges to the leaders of financial institutions. They have to figure out how to capture and monetize the value of the IP assets without being subjected to excessive risks.
     This is where IP-MEX Inc. can help. We have developed, arguably, the most advanced IP evaluation technology available on the market today. Our methods are based on involvement of multiple experts for rapid evaluation, assisted by sophisticated software which includes artificial intelligence units designed specifically for IP evaluation, supported by advanced methods of ensuring consistency and objectivity of such an evaluation. Big attention was paid to the presentation of the results of the evaluation in easy understandable and visually appealing way. This remarkable combination of human and artificial intelligence, software and sophisticated methods of measurements of IP characteristics represents a powerful technology which brings IP evaluation from the domain of "crystal ball" guesses into the mainstream of everyday business activity.
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