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News, March 14, 2015

Patent Engineering Services

     Development of an IP portfolio presents certain challenges for IP-generating corporations. It is far from obvious whether solution to the engineering problem at hand provided by the R&D team is patentable. Most of the time, this decision is taken by a potential inventor, who then approaches a patent attorney to convert a presumably innovative idea into a patent application.
     However, practice shows that far too many potentially patentable ideas go unrecognized as such until it is too late, because potential inventors are heavily concentrated on the R&D and cannot devote enough time, and usually do not have proper training, for patentability evaluation.
     Recognizing this problem, IP-MEX Inc. is forming a team, consisting of a Patent Engineer, well versed in the company technology, and a Patent Agent. The Patent Engineer is trained to notice early signs of potentially patentable pieces of technology, which are further evaluated by the Patent Agent. This way, engineering talent is not distracted from performing his/her R&D duties on patentability evaluation, whereas the company runs much smaller risk of loosing valuable ideas that could be potentially converted into its intellectual property.

About the Company

IP-MEX Inc. ( is a privately held company based in Kanata, Ontario, having substantial expertise in the field of Intellectual Property. The firm's services are based on application of the most advanced, scientifically sound and practically viable methods that ensure top-notch quality services for clients. IP-MEX assists corporations in building solid patent portfolios and managing existing IP assets.