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News Oct. 17, 2013

New Technology of IP Valuation

     Collateralization and securitization of Intellectual Property assets is still in its infancy to be sure. However they hold a promise to surpass rapidly such a traditional way of IP monetization as licensing. Planning for new ways of IP assets monetization presents new challenges for both IP-generating corporations and financial institutions. One of the most difficult challenges is evaluation of the available IP assets. It is of critical importance to be sure that such evaluation is reasonably accurate and trustworthy, yet it is notoriously difficult to achieve.
     Recognising significance of the problem, IP-MEX Inc. had undertaken a substantial R&D effort to achieve deep understanding of the scientific foundations of the evaluation process coupled with studies of best practices of knowledgable experts, and developed a remarkable proprietary method of determining the value of IP assets.
     The method is based on involvement of multiple experts for rapid evaluation, assisted by sophisticated software which includes artificial intelligence units designed specifically for IP evaluation, supported by advanced methods of ensuring consistency and objectivity of such an evaluation. Big attention was paid to the presentation of the results of the evaluation in easy understandable and visually appealing way.
     This technology has been further enhanced by obtaining license on the US patent No. 8,145,639 "System and Method for Patent Evaluation".
     IP-MEX Inc. is proud to announce the availability of the IP Valuation Services based on this powerful technology for businesses around the world.

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