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News, June 4, 2014

Intellectual Property Program for Small and Startup Companies

     Transition from a manufacturing to an IP-based economy requires executives to re-think their traditional IP strategy and put higher priority on establishing of a vigorous Intellectual Property Program, resulting in generation of Intellectual Property assets of substantial value.
     However, for small companies establishing and running a full scale Intellectual Property Program can be prohibitively expensive, and startup companies may not have generated enough innovative ideas to justify the cost of establishing the Intellectual Property Program.
     Recognizing the problem, IP-MEX® Inc. offers an option to corporations to substantially reduce required costs by hiring a part-time in-house Counsel.

Typical responsibilities of such a Counsel might be:

  • Due diligence (IP audit) of Company's IP processes and existing IP portfolio
  • Developing internal IP strategy, Practicies and Policies
  • "Mining" and evaluating patentable ideas, running patent review committees
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Preparing and managing IP budget
  • Docketing and maintaining IP databases
  • Managing IP outsourcing and third party IP related services
  • Educating Employees and Executives on Intellectual Property

The activity of the Counsel is directed towards creating a high quality IP portfolio which in addition to traditional applications (providing legal protection for Company's technology, providing for licensing opportunities etc) could afford access to low cost, non-dilutive capital by being used as collateral in commercial financing opportunities.

About the Company

IP-MEX Inc. ( is a privately held company based in Kanata, Ontario, having substantial expertise in the field of Intellectual Property. The firm's services are based on the application of the most advanced, scientifically sound and practically viable methods that ensure top-notch quality services for clients. IP-MEX Inc. assists corporations in building solid patent portfolios and managing existing IP assets.