Helping to exploit the IP goldmine



IP-MEX® IP Services

IP-MEX Inc. is a privately held company based in Kanata, Ontario, having substantial expertise in the field of Intellectual Property. Our services are based on application of the most advanced, scientifically sound and practically viable methods that ensure top-notch quality of services for our clients. Our mandate is to build Intellectual Property programs for corporations, obtain patents worldwide, and help IP-generating companies and financial institutions to unlock the true potential, still largerly hidden, of IP assets as a source of financing.

The primary service for financial institutions is:

  • objective and reliable evaluation of IP assets offered as collateral by companies seeking credit or capital.

The primary services for corporations are:

  • Establishing new Intellectual Property Program to start generating high quality IP assets;
  • Restructuring of an existing Intellectual Property Program to increase the proportion of high quality IP assets in the IP portfolio;
  • Obtaining patents worldwide;
  • Evaluation of IP assets, including infringement and validity analyses.